Zika Virus Information

The following information came from the Centers for Disease Controand Prevention entitled, “Zika Virus Response Planning: Interim Guidance for District and School Administrators in the Continental United States and Hawaii.” 

Zika Virus for School Administrators

•  School administrators should understand the roles and responsibilities of public health authorities and consult with them regarding questions or issues related to Zika virus infection. 

•  OSHA recommends  that employers provide insect repellents or outdoor workers and consider modifying work responsibilities, if requested by the employee, of women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant, and men who have a sexual partner who is pregnant or might become pregnant

•  Integrated vector management plan is of paramount importance for avoiding Zika virus infections. Mosquito control measures on school  grounds,  such  as  identifying  and  removing  sources  of standing water that can serve as mosquito breeding sites. Common  sources on schoo grounds an include buckets, trash cans, planters, tires, tall grasses playground  equipment,  and spaces beneath temporary modular structures, including regularly cleaning, turning over, tightly covering, or completely removing(if appropriate)  these sources;  sweeping  away pools of water; and keeping all grassy areas mowed(including  less-traveled and hard- to-access areas such as under bleachers) by placing new screens or  replacing damaged screens in windows and doors, or by using air conditioning when available. 

•  Insecticide spraying is decided upon by the local and state jurisdictions.  Local mosquito  control authorities  or licensed pest control contractors should be contacted to facilitate remediation. 

•  Be advised to follow CDC Zika virus prevention guidelines, including wearing long pants   and sleeves anusing U.S. Environmenta Protection Agency registered insecrepellents, all of which are considered safe for school-aged children and pregnanwomenIncluding    purchasinresponsibilitiefor repellents and the repellents and the processes for applying them to large groups of children when necessary.

•  Schools should consider risk for potential exposure t mosquito- borne   diseases   when   planning field trips and other school- sponsored travel.

•  Zikviruarmoractivdurinthdaythecabitand spread infection at any time.

•  Sexual health education should include information regarding the risk for Zika virus during pregnanc and the potential fo sexual transmissio of Zikvirus includin that correc an consistent condom use can reduce the likelihoo of sexua transmissio of Zika virus, other sexually transmitted infections, and unintentional pregnancy, and that abstinence can eliminate these risks.

•  Schools should continue to prioritize strategies to prevent mosquito bites on school grounds, to prevent further transmission through infected mosquitoes.

•  AccuratZikviruinformatiotstudentanfamiliesand prevent stigma related to perception of a   student’s risk fo Zika virus through efforts such as dispelling of myths and ensuring no particular students or groups are targeted for social exclusion.

•  It is not necessary to issue a schoolwide notification, and students ostaf members   wit travel-related Zikvirus exposure or confirme Zika virus infectiodo not need to b remove from school. Isolation of persons with Zika virus disease or quarantine o expose person i neithe recommendenoappropriate.  Patients wit symptomatiillnes should receive appropriatsupportive medical management.

•  Stat an loca jurisdiction an publi healt authoritie will inform school districts of the range of the affected areas, provide recommendationbaseocasereported  ithlocal community,  and  guide  schools  and school  districts  in the implementation o enhancemeasuresirequired I inot necessary to  suspend or cancel classes   (including physical education classes), outdoor recess or outdoor activities, outdoosporting events, or extracurricular activities.

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